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If you have already diagnosed the issue and have identifed the specific part that needs to be replaced, you can use our ERMA process to request for the part to be replaced. This is option is available to those with a high technical knowledge and are capable of comfortably removing and replacing hardware themselves. Click on the icon below representing the part you've identified to be replace. A technician will follow up with further instructions.

Note: This excludes CPU, Motherboard, and the Computer Cases. For warranty service of the entire computer, please contact our technical support department for assistance.
Note: If you are not certain of the exact cause of the issue, please contact one of our technical support representatives for assistance.
Disclaimer: When dealing with computer hardware, please make sure your computer is completely powered off, the power cord is unplugged, and the power switch on the back of the power supply is on the off position. Please also note that CyberpowerPC is not responsible for any physical damage that is done to the computer or component due to improper removal and/or installation of computer components. If you are not familiar with computer hardware, please call 888-900-5180 to speak with our technicians so that we may assist you to resolve your problem. Any physical damage done will void your warranty on the computer or part.


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